Dear Club Members! You have today been sent a short online survey to gather your ideas and feedback for developing the Club at this years upcoming Annual General Meeting. Your feedback is crucial in developing what we do, when and how we do it.  Our Annual General Meeting in February is where we design, vote and further develop the Club. The Club is always developed by the members for the members meaning please feel free to give us your input and feedback! The survey is free to take part in and the responses are collected anonymously. To take part in the survey please visit the link in the email. Your responses will be used to help tailor our development action plan for this year and on. An invite to the Annual General Meeting with an optional social dinner afterwards will be sent out shortly.Please check your email inbox, put your feet up with a good brew and take a few minutes to complete our 2017 Club Members Survey so that we know the areas to improve or further develop. Many thanks. Best Wishes, The BucksMTB Team

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