Dear Club Members,

At our recent Club Annual General Meeting our members asked for some key updates to the website that we can now say have been successfully implemented! 

If you are a registered user (primarily club members) you will receive automatic email notifications any time a new ride is published on our online website events calendar. Any genre of ride (club, open, trip etc) that is published will generate the email notifications. You'll also get an email any time one of these is events is updated or cancelled. 

As well as this club members will now get automatic reminders for your membership renewals, and if you are a club member once logged into the website your membership validity will be displayed right at the top of the homepage to make it easier to track your subscription!

All these emails are automated so may well end up initially heading into your junk or spam folder, so please keep an eye out for new messages. All notifications are driven from bucksmtbevents[at] so make sure this address is listed in your "safe" contacts list to avoid messages heading into the ether! 

I hope these new changes will be well received!



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